Service Every Sunday
10:30 AM Est.

Join us for our traditional Sunday service, with live worship, communion, and Sunday School for children.

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We provide live video streaming of our services powered by Facebook Live, and podcasts of our service from Spotify.

The LIVE Room is where it all comes together in one place for you. Keep checking the LIVE Room and never miss the latest service or live broadcast!


Image: Rev. Lyman Beecher.

A message from our pastor, Peter Oliveira

Welcome to The First Congregational Church of Litchfield Connecticut.

When you walk into this place, it’s difficult not to imagine the unique and wondrous things that have happened over the building’s rich history of nearly 300 years. If only the columns could speak, we would sit here all day listening to amazing stories. Our doors are open for you, our staff will meet you with a warm heart, and the people will accept you as a family.

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